They Can Be The Principal or Assistant Principal for Half a Day!

By Joining the PTA, your student has a chance at being the Principal or Assistant Principal for half a day!!!  If you send in your membership form and fee by September 29th, their name will be entered into a raffle.  Good luck!
**Membership forms were sent home Thursday, Sept. 15th and can be found under the Forms tab on the PTA website.  If you join online or signed up at a Back to School event, you're student's name will be included in the raffle.  If you joined, your student's name is entered. 

Fall "Wild, Wild West" Book Fair, October 9th - 11th

We're excited to bring the Fall "Wild, Wild West" Book Fair to CMES! We can't do it without you, our volunteers. Please click on the Volunteer tab to sign up. The set-up date is Friday, October 6th and the Book Fair will be open Monday, October 9th through the 11th. Click on 10/06/17 for Friday's sign-up, click on 10/09/17 for Monday through Wednesday's sign-ups.
Dads N Desserts is Monday, October 9th from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm.  Shop at the Book Fair with your student(s) and then come and have a treat in the cafeteria.  You'll also be able to sign up for Watch D.O.G.S. at this event. 

Why Join CMES PTA?

Some parents ask, "Why should I join PTA?"  CMES PTA holds family events, some including the Variety Show, Canvas Paint Nights, and the Spring Fling Dance and hosts after-school enrichment programs for students.  It also helps with school expenses and programs like field trip transportation, Scholastic reading handouts, emergency bags, and more.  By joining PTA, you help us fund these events and expenses. In addition to joining, there are many volunteer opportunities.  You can volunteer at an event or help out with baking for teacher birthday celebrations.  If you don't bake, you can buy cookies or a cake to donate.  If you have questions about joining or how you can help, email us at  We're looking forward to a great school year!